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Would your fans choose to see your posts or not when this becomes a reality

Facebook is currently testing a new algorithm that will allow users to choose which friends and pages they want to see posts from in their News Feed. “See more of what you love” is the message Facebook is sending with this update. Would that be an advantage for your page or not depends mainly on your relationship with your followers, and if this feature is ever to be implemented, you need to start acting immediately.

In an official blogpost, the Product Manager and the User Experience Researcher of Facebook, Max Eulenstein and Lauren Scissors, announced the News Feed update and explained the mix of changes they would like to apply for the new algorithm in order to provide users with more freedom to choose the content they want to see. The decisions they made on this new update were all based on customer surveys and research. Here are the three main concepts:

  1. Users who see less content in their News Feed will be now able to see more posts from one source. Until now Facebook was preventing visibility of multiple posts from the same page or person to show up in a row.
  2. For people with many connections on Facebook who see more content on a daily basis this update brings a great advantage. They would have the opportunity to choose the friends they care about and see their photos, videos, events and status updates higher in their News Feed. This part of the update brings balance to the content mix of posts from friends and pages we follow.
  3. As many Facebook users have complained from the fact that they don’t like seeing when friends are commenting or liking a post, the algorithm will put these notifications lower in the News Feed or they won’t appear at all. Rather, we should see posts directly coming from the feed

As you know Facebook like all other platforms can change dramatically in a heartbeat and only publishers that give their fans what they want have a fighting chance to survive and thrive after radical changes. For page administrators this update might play quite the tricky role. It could be either beneficial, or disadvantageous for their post reach and referral traffic. Depending on the audience and posting activity, pages will be impacted differently and for some the post reach and referral traffic could drastically decline. The only thing to be done in order to keep your reach high is to post meaningful and interesting content that fits your audience’s interests. If your page is worth following then users will definitely put it in their News Feed preferences and the results will be highly positive for your reach. So always keep in mind that your main job is to convince your audience that your content is worth following deliberately.


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