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What Is The Quality Of Your Traffic?

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Always focus on quality!

What is the most common metric used on the web? Traffic. This is what the web is all about and almost everybody out there cares about it. So do you, right? We measure it, we obsess about it, but we don’t really understand it. If you think traffic is just a number, you are wrong.

Not all traffic is created equal. There is high quality traffic, there is mediocre traffic and there is traffic that is practically useless. It all depends on what you want to do with it, but knowing the number of people that have visited your website doesn’t tell the whole story. You need to understand how useful the traffic is to your cause. Here at Franktrax our main mission is to monetize your traffic, so we have to understand this stuff and if we are experts on one thing in this world, this would be it.

No matter what you are doing online, you usually have one thing in mind – earning money. It doesn’t matter if you are running a business and you want more people to buy your product or if you are running an ad-supported blog or if you are a Franktrax admin with a great Facebook Page promoting your Franktrax URL to your followers. Traffic is your most important asset, but it usually becomes a vanity metric since people simply don’t know how to measure its effectiveness. This is why we’ve decided to share what we’ve learned about what constitutes high quality traffic. And it’s really not rocket science, it’s all simple and logical.

Geographic Region

As unfortunate and politically incorrect as it might be, traffic from different countries has a very different potential for monetization. It comes down to something as simple as the potential buying power of the people that live in that particular country.

World Map Of Economies By Country

Where you are in the world matters (like it or not).

The average person in the USA earns much more than the average person in India for example, so they are much more likely to spend money online because they simply earn more. A North American is much more likely to spend $20 on an online product than a person from India, because $20 constitute a much smaller percentage of their disposable monthly income. This also means that advertisers will be ready to spend much more on a person from the USA than from India. Most of the time, no matter what your monetization strategy is, a visitor from a “richer” or more developed country is going to earn you much more than a visitor from a country where the wages are very low. And it applies to almost any situation you might be in. If you are running an online business you are likely to get more sales from those countries, because more people will be able to afford your product. If you are running a blog monetized with a pay-per-click method like AdSense, you are going to be paid much more for each click which will boost your income. If you are monetizing something with Franktrax, you are going to see much higher earnings from developed countries while some third-world nations are not going to earn you a dime.

People with more money to spend are simply much more valuable as visitors. This is virtually universal. On the whole the most valuable traffic tends to come from the English-speaking countries like the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia, from Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden where traffic is extremely valuable but not as plentiful, and countries from the European Union. 1000 visitors from Canada could potentially earn you more than 10,000 visitors from Pakistan. This is just the reality of the contemporary internet world. So if you are trying to make money from the traffic you have, make sure you are not looking at the number as a whole, but break it down to countries and measure your success based on the amount of traffic that you can get from the countries that earn you the most while disregarding the traffic from countries that earn you next to nothing. In many situations it can be viewed as waste traffic especially if you are running a localized business.

Bottom line: Always do your best to bring in traffic from the richest countries, because it is going to make you richer in return. 

Targeting and Visitor Intent

Who me?

You need the right people.

Geographic region and the consequential buying power is important, but it doesn’t tell the whole story either. The most valuable traffic you can get is targeted traffic.

Targeted visitors are visitors that are interested in exactly what you have to offer. The problem with this is that it is much harder to measure than the country the visitor comes from. It’s simply not an exact metric. But as difficult as it is to measure and control, this is something you should think about, analyze and work on optimizing. There is no formula about how to go about and do that, you just need to look at your own situations keeping it in mind.

What you need to understand first and foremost is that traffic is not the metric you are after – it’s earnings. So you need to always look for the traffic that is going to earn you the most. Making that switch in your attitude towards measuring success is an important thing to do and can help you get better results. All the visitors that come to your website or landing page are people who clicked on your link for a reason. And what they find there should fit their expectations and needs. A very common mistake people make when trying to boost their traffic is to attempt to trick people into clicking on their links. Sure, this is something that increases your traffic but if you mislead somebody into visiting your landing page they are not going to stick around for long and would be very unlikely to perform the action you desire them to. So usually you will just be inflating your traffic number without producing a real result and you’ll be annoying all your visitors.

It applies to everything. It doesn’t matter if you are running a business, a blog or if you are trying to monetize your social media following using Franktrax – if your approach is to somehow trick people into clicking your links, the traffic you will get will always be of low quality and you will not see the earnings and conversion rate you might have hoped for. Your traffic will grow, but your earnings will fall. If your visitors are disappointed, you are likely to be disappointed yourself. What you always need to aim for is a fit between what you have to offer and your traffic. The people who visit your page should be happy to do so and should be interested in what your page is about. Remember – a traffic spike doesn’t always mean a spike in earnings, so always check if what you are doing to increase your traffic is also increasing your earnings. Otherwise both your efforts and your traffic will just go to waste.

Bottom line: Don’t mislead people or your traffic will be useless and you will always be disappointed by its performance.

We hope this was helpful and you are going to view traffic as a means, not as an end from now on (if you don’t already of course).

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