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Warning! Facebook Like Count Drops Down On 12th of March

Dear Facebook Page owners, be prepared to have a drop down in your Page’s like count this week!


Facebook has recently announced that inactive accounts will be removed from the like data of  Pages starting from 12th of March. Don’t worry though, you might actually benefit from this  new strategy.

Inactive accounts are the ones which were manually deactivated or memorialized (accounts of  deceased users). Meaning, those likes don’t really make a difference and such accounts give  you false insight into your actual Page performance. Now you get to know the authentic number of people who actively follow you and you get the opportunity to search for people of your target group easier by using the tools for “lookalike audiences”. Nonetheless, Facebook has made it clear that manually deactivated accounts that are reopened again will be re-added to the Page’s like count.

This update is a meaningful change for all Page administrators that strive for quality rather than quantity which is all that matters in the end. The information provided will be up to date and fully consistent bringing the benefits of boosting your reach and engagement.

facebook-downThe expected result of this update is for Pages with rather small reach of, let’s say, hundreds or thousands of likes to have a slight or even no count drop. However pages that have existed for years, retaining hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers could be affected by the like count drop to a much higher degree.

So don’t worry if your likes drop a little on March 12 or 13, the likes that are going to be removed are not your active supporters and this change   will most probably increase the overall quality of your fan base, or in the worst case scenario it will make little to no difference.

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