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Facebook are cracking down on promotional posts and nobody knows what is means

So Facebook is penalizing promotional posts. Worst of all, it’s very likely that at least some of your posts are promotional. This is why you have a Facebook Page after all – to promote something (preferably the link we’ve given you). So this is an issue you should be concerned about. We cannot be 100% sure what all of this means, but we can be pretty sure it is going to hurt your business.

A worried woman

Are you worried?

So let’s explore this issue.

Why are they doing it?

First things first. Before we dig into the repercussions, we should look at the reasons.

I know many of you will be tempted to go down the emotional reaction route and start complaining that Facebook doesn’t care about you and your Facebook Page.  But they do – you are a potential advertiser and therefore a potential income source, but there is something that is more important to them and it’s the users. When your Page starts annoying their users, Facebook are going to take the side of their users, because if they lose their users, you will not be willing to advertise and be worthless anyway.

Your Annoying Ad Here Trying To Look Like A Post

Put your annoying ad here and
make sure it looks like a normal post…

And regular users hate a lot of the content they see coming from Facebook Pages because a lot of this content is not designed to provide value to the user – it’s designed to provide value for the Page owner. Esentially, a huge part of Posts from Pages are actually annoying ads in disguise. And despite the fact that Facebook care about your Page more than users do, they simply had to do something about it sooner or later. And let’s face it – you’re most probably part of the problem and not all of your Posts are providing value for your fans.

So what are Facebook doing?

So what Facebook are doing is they are punishing posts that are purely promotional. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to tell what exactly falls into the category of too promotional and how they are determining this. But one things is clear – if your posts are designed to push people to perform an action you want like “buy”, “visit”, “purchase”, “watch”, “like” or “share” something, Facebook wants them out and will sooner or later find and efficient way of filtering them out. This is what they’ve said so far:

According to people we surveyed, there are some consistent traits that make organic posts feel too promotional:
  1. Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  2. Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  3. Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads

Unfortunately this is as vague as it gets and you can only hope that they are going to punish only post that deserve to be punished. The reason they are being so vague and secretive is that they want you to be on your best behavior and overdo it and in a way, they don’t leave you much choice. So instead of worrying about words that you should stay away from that could show Facebook that you are being overly promotional, you should really work on what you post and the value it provides for your fans. If it provides value only for you but not for them, it’s going to be considered annoying and Facebook are going to learn to filter it out sooner or later. So from now on, before you hit that blue posting button, consider whether the post you are about to post deserves to be filtered out of people’s New Feeds for being promotional or not.

Still, Facebook gave us a few examples and it makes sense to consider them, despite the fact that we will most certainly will stay in the dark for now.

Bad Promotional Post Facebook Example 1

Bad Promotional Post Facebook Example 2

 So what should you do?

It would all have been pretty straight forward for us if we knew how Facebook determined if a post was too promotional or not. Unfortunately for us, they are keeping the important stuff to themselves, so we’ll have to keep guessing and stick to our own judgment. But if you want your posts to remain viable, keep that in mind. And always look for ways to promote what you want by providing value for the user, not just by thinking about the value you want to extract from them.

Another thing to keep in mind is a valuable piece of advice in any situation: experiment and monitor the results. It’ s something so simple, yet so powerful and yet so many people just don’t bother doing it. Try making your promotional posts less promotional in a number of ways and make each one different. See what methods get better results and if they are not too shady, stick to them. And as soon as you see a type of post is getting you nowhere, move away from it and try finding another way to post what you want and to get people to do what you want in an effective way that leaves both you and your fans satisfied without ticking off Facebook’s algorithm.

I hope this helps and I hope that it will also help you when  you are sharing your Franktrax links boosting your earnings with us and keeping you from being penalized by Facebook. You can still be promotional, but not in a blunt and obvious way and when you promote something, always try to put users and their satisfaction first.

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