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Pinterest as a powerful tool for driving referral traffic

Using social media for referral traffic doesn’t meet its limits with Facebook and Twitter but as they’re considered to be the most powerful channels currently, other networks are often disregarded. Perfect example for this is Pinterest, an amazing visual social media tool for finding ideas and matching interests. So why not use it more often for online advertising? Or maybe the better question would be, how to use it for the purpose? Let me give you a slight overview on the topic.


To begin with, Pinterest has been considered to be a female targeting tool for a very long time which could’ve been а setback for many businesses doing promotion online. But recently the social network has pointed out men to be its fastest growing demographic. Now that this limitation is out of the way Pinterest becomes undoubtedly a strong source of referral traffic. Moreover, according to Shareaholic’s Q3 2014 Social Media Traffic Report Pinterest is a steadily evolving social network that accounts for 3 times more traffic than Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn all together!

Another reason why you should consider using Pinterest as your tool for referral traffic is because of its emphasis on visual content. The internet users are strongly attracted to it and there’s no better way to make them click more on your posts.

Here are a few tips on how to get started on Pinterest.

Sign Up

When you sing up to Pinterest make sure to name your account accordingly. Use the name of your blog or website and add a keyword to it that describes it best. For example, Bella is the name of a dating website, then the proper title for the account would be “Bella Dating Service”. To create a better image for the account, add a nice logo and trustworthy description.

Create Boards

The way Pinterest works is through the so called “boards”. The board is the content posted on the network that represents your website. Sort the content into different categories and create a few boards that might be of interest for potential followers. It is also recommended to use keywords in the description and call-to-action.

Get Optimized Visuals

Pinterest is all about visual content. High quality images, attractive for the user need to be posted accordingly and regularly through your boards. Remember, it’s important to create an account worth being followed for its content, not for its promotional materials and call-to-action. Users are very sensitive to quality and there are certain trends on Pinterest that seem to get more attention than others.

The Elegant Theme Blog suggests that visual content such as videos pinned directly on the network, images with watermarks, clever mixes of photos, and visuals with dominant colors receive higher attention on Pinterest. Moreover, images with no real faces on them receive 23% more repins than the ones with faces, while infographics get most repins and traffic.

Get Acknowledged

Now that you have signed up and created your unique page, comes the hardest part in starting a new social media channel. Namely, getting acknowledged by the desired target group. The trick here is to get exposed as much as possible and approach the followers of accounts that have similar field of business or similar website. In Pinterest this is possible through participation in Group Boards.

Group Boards function the same way as personal boards, but here everyone who’s a member is allowed to contribute with their boards. Group Boards are easily recognizable through the group icon placed on them.


Key benefit of becoming a contributor to a Group Board is the instant boost of followers because of the increased visibility and exposure to numerous users at once. The more followers see your content and start repining it, the higher the potential for getting referral traffic.

Include Call-to-action

Well known approach in every social media is the call-to-action added to the posts’ description. It should be always done with gentle phrases or something that sparks curiosity about what the website you’re referring to is going to show. However, too much call-to-action is never good. Be careful how you promote your website and how much you’re pushing your followers. Create a Pinterest social strategy that will most of all keep and increase followers constantly.

Schedule Posts

In order to actually receive attention on Pinterest and get referral traffic, you need to invest a lot of time in posting on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the network doesn’t have internal scheduling tool as Facebook does and that’s a reason for many businesses to neglect Pinterest as a potential source of traffic. But once again, there’s a solution and it’s called Viralwoot.


Viralwoot, previously known as Pinwoot, is a pin scheduling tool with extremely useful features. The tool isn’t completely free but just for $5 a month you get the opportunity not only to schedule pins but also to gain more followers, manage and grow multiple accounts, promote pins, create pin alerts and soon track your followers through the Pinterest Analytics.

Using Pinterest as a source of referral traffic has become more and more popular over the past few years for a reason. It is actually created for the purpose of promotion and advertising, and it is highly attractive with its visual content. Provided this killer combination, Pinterest is a promising network for becoming a dominating generator of traffic. Thus, creating an account and following the right strategy on the platform could bring great benefits to anyone looking for high organic reach. Don’t hesitate, just Pin it.

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