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Instagram coming up with a new layout

With more than 300 million users and a great growth potential, the photo-sharing platform Instagram is now demonstrating a boost in technology. Offering a cleaner and more web-friendly layout will secure the company continuing progress while channel owners enjoy the benefits of its new look and features.

On 10th of June Instagram rolled out a new mobile and desktop layout with expected availability for all users by the end of the week. The changes are mostly recognizable on desktop whose design was kind of neglected for a while. Even though Instagram is mainly accepted as mobile app, it’s sometimes easier to explore photos on desktop. However, the experience there has been underwhelming and the redesign was definitely necessary.

Instagram Layout

The update allows larger display of photos taking more space on screen by removing the borders around and reducing the image grid. Profile pictures are also transformed and given round form, while the litter of background images is removed giving profile pics more focus.

Instagram New Profile

The platform is now focusing on being a photo sharing service instead of social photo app. This upgrade is great for Instagram publishers and producers who would like to showcase their art work, photography or brand advertisements rather than fun-times photos. So for all channel admins this update is great news, so make sure you take full advantage.


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