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How to use social media for effective monetization

Brand and website promotion through social media is the most effective referral strategy this year and it will continue proving to be such in the near future. That’s why now is the time for admins to improve their marketing strategy and work at their best for generating high earnings. This said, I would like to focus in this article on how to efficiently use any social media presence for sourcing profitable referral traffic.

social mediaHaving the right amount of followers and a social media channel or blog isn’t enough. People expect to find useful information online or to simply enjoy themselves. Spam content should be avoided by any means. Thereby, I prepared for you a list of three major factors that need to be considered for implementing competent social media marketing. By improving each one of them we guarantee you’ll have better success in promoting referral links and triggering clicks.


As mentioned many times before in this blog, content is the king of social media. The right content attracts the right people and produces the reaction we strive for. No matter what kind of social media channel you own you need to make sure it’s interesting enough for users to follow it. Be social, be funny, be smart and be creative. Set a purpose or theme on your channel that makes it unique and distinctive. It’s very important to dedicate some time and effort on building an effective social media marketing strategy. And here a priority is to come up with exceptional content. Only then we can expect from the audience to show interest in the referral links we post. However, the promotion of these links should be done very gently in order to avoid spamming. Because spamming leads to no actions generated and even worse, no followers.

No spamLet’s set an example. There’s a website for clothing and the products are mainly promoted through Facebook. In this case the website is strongly focusing on bringing new users and completing sales. But would the followers enjoy seeing never ending posts with links attached to them, always pushing for sale? Not really. Thus, the online store should find a way to engage with the target group and make them interested in the content provided. Then it would be nice to diversify the content of the posts with articles on fashion, seasonal trends and other attention-grabbing posts fitting this sphere of business. By doing so the followers will start enjoying their experience in social media and will be more likely to visit the actual website.

The conclusion is: don’t limit your posts only to promotion and try to include creative content.


Human beings are visual creatures strongly attracted by images.  So it’s no surprise that including visual content would be another priority for your social media strategy.

This statistical data provided by MDG Advertising and Heidi Cohen is explaining the positive effects of visual content.

  1. 94% more total views on average are attracted by content containing compelling images than content without images.
  2. 67% of consumers consider clear, detailed images to be very important and carry even more weight than the product information, full description, and customer ratings.
  3. 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business whose images appear in local search results.
  4. 37% increase in engagement is experienced when Facebook posts include photographs. This is consistent with research by Dan Zarrella of Hubspot.
  5. 14% increase in pageviews are seen when press releases contain a photograph. (They climb to 48% when both photographs and videos are included.)Visual

Consider visual elements next time you create an online post and use it both for promotion and entertainment.


One of the most important but often disregarded factors for implementing a good social media marketing strategy is the scheduling.

We don’t really consider timing as an essential component on social media because with all those mobile devices people are online constantly. However, this doesn’t guarantee success with all daily posts because users seem to show different activity over the day. When it comes to referring links through social media it’s very important to target wisely the active hours of the day. For the purpose, first get to know your audience. What time zone the majority of your followers are sharing and what age group they belong to? Those are questions containing key answers for your scheduling approach. It is widely accepted that the most active hours on social media are in the evening, right after work. Considering that, it’s best to focus your promotion posts around 6-8 pm in the respective time zone. This way you’ll increase your chances of generating clicks.

Good combination between content, visual and scheduling could win you over some loyal followers and consequently result in successful traffic flow. Franktrax experts’ advice is to be social, original, and dedicated. Monetization will only work when the online presence owned is managed properly and audience engagement is a priority.

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