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Are You Using The Power Of Helping Out Your Competition On Facebook?

Helping out your competition? Now that is a strange concept, isn’t it? But it works like a charm! Help and get helped! As most of you surely know, the most important thing when developing your Facebook Pages is getting your Page to such a speed that a snowball effect is started. It’s very hard to get your first fans and every next Like comes more and more easily. The most important thing is to achieve virality. So you need people that are going to engage with your topic or business. You need people that are going to enjoy what you post, so they will like and share it and Faceook will keep showing your post to more and more people.

We all know Facebook Reach can be a very tricky mistress, but there is one sure-fire way to increase it – engaged fans. There is nothing better for your Page than engaged fans. And you know who has engaged fans interested in what you do? Your competition. It’s all starting to make sense now, isn’t it? But why and how could you persuade your competition to let you borrow their fans? Well, you offer them something in return – your fans. It’s actually a simple and powerful idea. You share your competitors Page and they share yours. Share for share or as most people have grown to know it as S4S is a very clever strategy to boost your growth.

And let me address your biggest concern – sharing a competing Page will not make your Page do wrose! Social Media is not a zero sum game and the fact that some of your fans will like another page as well will not affect your Page negatively in any measurable way. News flash: your fans like other Pages all the time – the only differnece when you do share for share would be that by liking another page they’ll give a bargaining leverage to get some new fans for your Page. So worries out of the way, benefits are something else that is better than expected when you first think about it.

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Let’s imagine what exactly happnes when another Page with a similar targeting with yours (a.k.a. your competition) shares your Page. Every Page has active and engaged fans and fans that are a dead weight which is only decreasing your Reach and actually hurting you! You have them and your competitions has them. When they share your Page it will show up mainly in the news feeds of the people that have interacted with the Page a lot. Those are people that like, click and share things like the ones you share on your own Page. This is really awesome targeting and the value of targeting is immense. So when the competition shares your Page, the likes you get are only from people that are going to be great for your Page. They are going to be active and they are each going to add up to the growth that you need to start that avalanche of growth.

So my advice to you today is to reach out to competing Facebook Pages (of course not your bitter rivals, that will probably not work) and offer to help them out with a little help back from them. The old school way of doing this is by writing them a private message or trying to find suitable Facebook Groups with Fanpage administrators hang out, but it can all be a bit messy. That’s why I personally tend to use a free online tool for that which also helps protect me from dishonesty on the other side – the community. It’s a cute-looking easy-to-use web app. You log in with your Facebook accout, you look for Pages and you send them S4S requests. Simple, nice and powerful. Check it out! in action (screenshot)

Bottom Line:  Don’t be afraid to swap fans with your competition doing share for share. It is going to be a win-win situation. It’s a good idea to use to do it.

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