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GIFs supported by Facebook

Here are some very good news for all Facebook users. Finally, the platform has integrated the use of GIF images!


It’s true, now you could easily share a GIF image on your page and people will be able to see your post while scrolling down the News Feed. No link referring, no play clicking. Just full motion GIF.

Some of you might not know but in the very beginning of Facebook’s existence, while it was still only available for college students, GIFs were actually supported by the network. Unfortunately, the feature had to be disabled because the early version of the platform couldn’t handle the format and had negative impact on the user experience. However, long time has passed since then and it’s a wonder how come Facebook has delayed this for so long. So many online users are captivated by the world of animated images. Other social networks like Twitter have recognized the trend and have integrated GIFs awhile back. It’s quite exciting news to have this awesomeness coming to Facebook again and for sure it was worth waiting for.

How to share GIFs on Facebook?

You may think uploading GIF image on Facebook would work same way as uploading a photo but you’ll be wrong. Facebook allows posting GIFs as links only and not as uploads. Meaning, trying to download an animated image and post it directly on your page wouldn’t work. Instead, you have to copy the GIF link and paste in your status update field. Prior to posting it you will see a preview of your status. However, Facebook’s instructions don’t end here. Most importantly, when sharing a GIF image, the link pasted should end in “.gif”. Usually GIF sites give a few URL sharing options and making sure you’ve chosen the proper link is what will determine the success of your animated post.

Now here comes the last restriction and namely the piece of bad news for all page admins. GIFs can’t be used on Company and Fan Pages yet so you need to hold off the temptation of sharing one with your fans and followers. Very disappointing, indeed.

Why use GIFs on Facebook?

GIFs provide the opportunity to express emotions, reactions or just keep it trendy by using a creative and fun animation. It attracts great amount of attention because everyone likes those short and funny video-like images. By scrolling down your News Feed you simply can’t skip a motion based image of your favorite cat for example. That’s why we are highly disappointed with the current restriction on using GIFs for Fan Page posts. Once the feature is available for marketing purposes, though, it would be a great way to attract more followers and get higher post engagement.

Even though, for now you can’t take advantage of the new feature as marketers, you could still enjoy it as users. Also, there’s this little trick you could do by mentioning your Fan or Company Page in a personal GIF post and sharing it with your friends. I’m pretty sure this will bring new followers to your page. Meanwhile, Franktrax will keep track of every social media update and inform you when this feature is finally available for marketing purposes. You’ll be the first to know.

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