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GIFs in ads and page posts

Finally, Facebook gave in and allowed the use of GIFs for advertising purposes! The network is about to become a lot more flashy, and posts much more eye-catching.

Just two months ago GIFs were once again integrated into Facebook to bring back the animated joy to its users. However, this joy was still inaccessible for company ads and pages. Fact we acknowledged with great disappointment because everyone loves the creative and funny GIFs. They serve for a perfect way to capture the attention of online audiences. Marketers could make great use of it by effectively implementing it into their social media marketing strategy. So it was a matter of time for the network to allow the usage of GIFs in page posts and ads.

According to Social Media Today merely adding videos to your post boosts engagement by 3 to 5 times or more. Imagine how much better it gets by adding a simple GIF, because honestly the animated images are irresistible to everyone.

Nevertheless, if you want to start applying GIFs in your social media strategy you need to have a bit more patience. The update is still being tested among few Facebook pages and it isn’t yet fully accessible. Before being officially released, the GIF functionality has to be evaluated according to the influence it has on people’s experience. Hopefully users will respond well to the GIF approach and we’d be able to enjoy it too.

If you’d like to learn how to use GIFs on Facebook, whether it is on your personal page or hopefully soon, your fan page, check this article.

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