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Make Sure Your Images Roam All Social Media, Not Just Facebook

Make The Best Of Your ImagesFranktrax as a company used to work only with Facebook Pages. It is how we started and it made a lot of sense for us at the time. But we have expanded beyond them and we think you should do the same. Especially when it comes to the most viral content you have. And for most of us that’s images.

There is no point in riffing about how images get the highest engagement on Facebook and social media as a whole and about how humans are visual creatures. What I want to talk to you about is making sure you give the images you share the highest chance to spread and go viral and make you more popular.

So let’s look at some things you should do in order to squeeze every last bit of juice from your images.

Use High-Quality Images

I know that most of you will react to this with “Duh!”. And I know it doesn’t get more obvious than that. But I also know for certain there is a huge amount of people that underestimate the importance of this little rule. Many people post images that are too small in resolution and those images look well only when they are a thumbnail on your computer. When you upload them to the Internet and on social media in particular, they become this ugly pixelated blocks. And ugly things simply don’t get clicked, shared, pinned, retweeted or whatever. They get ignored.

Pixelation example (flower)

You want the quality on the left, not the quality on the right.

So in order for your images to look well when you share them, make sure they have a high enough resolution. Keep in mind that other people might have a much bigger and better displays, so don’t just look at the image, look at the numbers. For instance a resolution of 300×200 is simply not gonna cut it in today’s world even if it seems OK on your phone. The bigger number in the resolution should be at least 800, but preferably 1024 or 1200 (common place resolutions are always a good idea because there is a better chance they they will be resized properly when needed).

Watermark Your Images

Watermarking your images means to put your website, brand or another recognizable symbol (like your Franktrax URL for instance) on your images, so that they continue to bring you people till the end of Internet. In the current state of Social Media images are something that gets copied, shared and re-shared over and over again. This happens a lot and if your image is going to spread through around all kinds of channels, it would be best for you if it was an ambassador for you.

An example of a watermarked image (upper left)

Notice the watermarked URL

You can add two types of things to your images – you can add web addresses and you can add brand names and logos. In my opinion the first category is much more important and useful, because it will help people that have no idea who you are to find you while the second category would only be effective or people that already recognize your brand. And those people then to be the minority unless you are somebody like Coca Cola, Red Bull or Oreo. That’s why the best strategy is to add something like the URL of your Facebook Page, your website if you have any and for the people that are earning money with us – to add your Franktrax URL.

This why here at Franktrax we’ve even made a Watermarking tool that allows our users to watermark their images quickly and easily through our web interface. If you have an account with us, use that feature for every single image you upload anywhere. If you don’t, you can always use some piece of software like Photoshop or something simpler (even PowerPoint or Paint can do the trick – all you need to do is add a line of text after all).

Share Your Images on Multiple Social Networks

This step should be part of a bigger strategy already. As we’ve said before here if you want to be successful for a long time to come, you need to be active on more than one social network. So your brand needs to be represented not just on Facebook, but on Twitter, on Google+, on LinkedIn (if appropriate) and beyond. So when you share interesting, inspiring, valuable or simply nice images on Facebook, you should also share them on other social media, so they help you nurture a healthy following among all suitable platforms. Don’t forget to be creative and to look for additional niche channels that would be suitable for your content. Even if the place where you share your images is not huge, if it’s really suitable for your topic it can provide you with high quality traffic. A targeting match is often much more valuable than a huge number of random visitors, so try to find the unique places where your images will do well.Social Media Logos
Keep in mind that there are social networks and networking sites that are dedicated solely to images and it’s a very good idea to be active there as well. If you are producing visual content anyway, you should make sure you make it go the extra mile for you by feeding it to the highest number of channels possible. This means that you should not just upload it to your Facebook Page and get it over with, but you should also have a Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and so on where you should upload your image content. In the beginning those channels will seem small and insignificant compared to your Facebook Page(s), but if you are consistent and upload all of your nice images there, they will gradually grow and help you reach additional audiences. And all you need to do is just put the images that you are producing anyway there as well. If you do this for long enough, you will find out it’s worth the bit of additional effort and time. It’s also a good strategy.

Bottom line: Watermark all of your images and upload them to all possible channels in order to maximize the results you get from them. Simple and effective.

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