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Top 11 Social Media Management Mistakes

Bloken Thumb LikeWhen it comes to successfully monetizing your social media traffic, it is not only important to use your channels, but how you use them become increasingly important. When social media marketing first became popular, it was a matter of blasting the same message across as many channels as quickly as possible. The result was annoyed audiences who were immune to social media management efforts.

However, we’ve come a long way since that rocky early start. More  social media managers are coming to understand the value of not only advertising, but actually engaging with their audiences. It’s about getting likes, shares and clicks.

Are you getting the results you’re looking for from your social media marketing efforts? If not, it could be that you’re making some simple mistakes that can easily be rectified.

Top 11 Social Media Management Mistakes

Oops Keyboard KeySocial Media Management Mistake # 11 – Skipping Spell Check

Having fantastic social media exposure is great – except when you’ve made a spelling error. Or a factual error. Or any error. Take your time when you post to social media and take care to ensure that your posts are 100% free from grammar and spelling errors.

Social Media Management Mistake # 10 – Over #-tagging

Hash-tags are all the rage these days, but it can be ineffective – and annoying – if used out of context. Be sure that you use hash-tags that are relevant to your post.

Social Media Management Mistake # 9 – T.M.I. (Too Much Information!)

It’s never a good idea to over-share as it can harm your personal reputation and your brand image. Therefore, be sure that you don’t over-share by staying far away from your social media profiles when you’re emotional, or otherwise 100% in control of what you’re saying.

Social Media Management Mistake # 8 – Right Posts At the Wrong Time

It’s important to post when your audience is there to read it. You may be working all night to get out that fantastic post, but sharing at 2 a.m. means that few people will see it. Rather schedule your posts for the time of day when the greatest part of your audience will be online.

Social Media Management Mistake # 7 – Being Boring

Building a huge audience online requires that you put on your entertainer’s hat. Share posts that are bound to be shared, in the effort to ensure that they go viral. Your audience should be able to relate to the images or quotes you share.

Social Media Management Mistake #6 – Talking AT People

If you don’t get much engagement, you may be guilty of talking at people, instead of to them. Your posts shouldn’t just blast your offers at your audience. Instead, you should write posts that speak to your audience on a personal level.

Social Media Management Mistake # 5 – Only Talking to People When You Need Them

If you only engage with people when you want them to like something, or vote for something, you’re not going to win many friends and you’re not going to influence them on any level. On the flip side, if you start showing that you care, they will automatically start liking the stuff without you having to ask them to do it.

Social Media Management Mistake # 4 – Sharing the Same Message on Different Channels

Scheduling your messages in advance is fine, but you must remember to tailor your messages to each channel. While Tumblr and Instagram are the best platforms for images, Twitter requires short and sweet text snippets with links where your audience can learn more.

Social Media Management Mistake # 3 – Sending Automated Responses

Yes, you have to respond to show that you’re human and to keep up the engagement. However, instead of using automated responses, rather engage with your audience on a human level. Hire someone to do it if you don’t have time.

Social Media Management Mistake # 2 – Not Understanding Your Audience

If you don’t know what your audience thinks of you, you can’t accurately tailor your messages to their interests. If your audience is predominantly males in their 40s, you won’t get very far sharing about high heel shoes and boy bands. So always keep in mind who you’re talking to.

Social Media Management Mistake # 1 – Valuing Quantity Over Quality

Many marketers make the mistake of buying followers. However, the quality of your followers is more important than the quantity. It may be hard to reconcile the fact that only a fraction of the huge global audience is your target market, but when you accept that fact, you will be able to do what’s needed to get the best results.

In conclusion, managing your social media property and growing a huge following is all about knowing your audience and sharing relevant posts.

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