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Social Media Is The #1 Driver of Referral Traffic

During the past few years social media has become a great influencer on the Internet. Not only it provides the means for creating a virtual community where people share and exchange information but it also came to be a key source of referral traffic for websites and blogs. Report by Shareholic reflects data from the last quarter of 2014 proving that social media drives 31.24% of all referral traffic to websites. In December 2013 this percentage amounted to 22.71. These numbers give reason to believe that in 2015 social media will become an even stronger influencer.

The statistics show that SEO is no longer the most important traffic referral. Even though throughout 2014 the Search and Social referrals have been fluctuating and unstable, the graph bellow shows that SEO tends to gradually decline.

SEO vs Social Media

Undoubtedly social media has become an important source of traffic for many publishers around the web. With the study going further, Shareaholic has also presented detailed information on the amount of influence each one of the top 8 social media platforms has on the overall web traffic. The graph illustrates their performance from Dec. 2013 to Dec. 2014.


It’s no surprise that Facebook is leading the chart, accounting for 24.63% of the total traffic to web publishers in 2014. Back then the number of Facebook users amounted to 1.35 billion who according to a study conducted by eMarketer spent an average of 42.1 minutes on platform daily. Since then the user base grew significantly with 1.41 billion active users currently, creating heaven for all marketers who are investing seriously in social media marketing.

The second most powerful social referral is Pinterest, the fastest growing social media platform. In the last quarter of 2014 it brought 5.06% of all web traffic which compared to Facebook doesn’t seem as much. But then again, Pinterest is rapidly expanding its user base, as well as improving its advertising tools and strategies, which shouldn’t be ignored by social media marketers.

The other top six social media networks make up for the remaining 2% of all referral traffic. In overall they’re less powerful traffic sources but yet not to be underestimated.

Considering how quickly and steadily social networks are overtaking the online referral traffic throughout the past few years we could easily assume that this year social media referral might grow with another 10% or even more. For all Franktrax users this is rather awesome news. Both advertisers and publishers would face a beneficial year and could hope for an even more promising future. Investing in social media marketing has never been more attractive. Take your share.

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