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Most of us, Facebook page admins, don’t know much about our followers. Yes, we do see insights on their demographic and geographic background. Reach and engagement statistics are available as well. But that particular information doesn’t help much for improving our content to better match the audience’s interests and increase its engagement. We have no idea what kinds of people form our audience. What is their overall activity on Facebook? Which other pages they follow? What kind of lifestyle the average group member leads? What is their educational level or even relationship status? The answers to all those questions contain important information for social media marketers. Targeting the right group of people is a key to engagement growth but targeting the right group of people with the right set of content is of even greater importance for success.

With the new Audience Insights tool provided by the social network, marketers could now learn all about their current or potential followers. It’s free and it’s quite useful.

audienceEven though, the original idea behind designing this tool was to help targeting Facebook ads, marketers could also use the data for improving social media content by knowing what people are into. The information we get to see now it’s a great treasure that we hold in our hands.

How to use the Audience Insights tool?

Access Audience Insights in Ads Manager and choose an audience to start with.

audience to start

Through this process you either choose to see stats about an existing or potential target group. For instance, you choose the audience connected to your own page and you get the insights on your current followers. Otherwise, this first step could be used for targeting new audiences you  don’t know anything about.

After choosing the audience of your interest carefully add characteristics related to age, gender, location, interests and connections. This information helps narrowing down the insights into the group of people you’re targeting.

To test the tool, we targeted an age group of 18 to 50 years old Facebook users, interested in Social Media and located in California county, USA.


Here in different sections you will see details about the members’ lifestyle, marital status, education level, occupation, Facebook page likes, top locations and languages, device usage, and even household income and purchase behavior. The last two figures are currently available only for the US.

From the overall results here, the most important piece of information for us is the top categories of Page Likes because we want to know what the audience’s preferences in social pages are and then, their Activity Frequency which is another crucial figure for social media marketers.

top categories

frequency of activitiesIn case your page promotes a business, you might be interested in the Household Income of a group household incomeor their Purchase Behaviour…purchase behaviour

or many other determining figures that could help in getting to know better a certain pool of customers or followers.

Anyway, when you finally have all the information needed you’re free to use it as you wish. You may use it for improving page posts, for finding a potential target group or you could use it for its original purpose, e.g. to create an ad directly promoting to the audience of your choice which is one click away in the tool itself. Now it’s your turn to explore and enjoy.


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